Canape Kai Menu
Canape Kai Menu

Canape Kai Menu


This is the complete Canape Kai menu including canapes, manapes and sweets. Note you need to add a chef on site and the minimum number of guests is 20.

- Traditional ham boil up soup with watercress & paraoa parai (g/f without bread)
- Mutton bird & pork rillette with sharp sweet plum & pinot jelly
- Mussel Fritters with lemon & aioli (g/f)
- Ceviche with coconut & kaffir lime (g/f)
- Mild mushroom risotto balls with truffle (vegan)
- Kumara, water chestnut, cashew & kaffir lime dumplings with ginger, sesame & black vinegar dressing (vegan)
- Rosemary & Horopito lamb served on a thrice cooked kumara cake topped with watercress & a kumara chard (g/f)
Larger bites (mixture of the two):
- Tamarind butternut & eggplant bao bun Manape (larger bite) (vegan)
- Sticky pork bao bun Manape
- Kawa kawa meringue & Horopito white chocolate